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Solar Panel

A Solar Panel or Solar PV Module absorbs sunlight as a form of energy to generate electricity. A Solar PV module is a packaged, connected assembly of photovoltaic solar cells. Solar Modules are connected in series to form an array that generates and supplies electricity. Most of the solar modules are made from crystalline silicon solar cells made of polycrystalline and monocrystalline silicon.

Features : -

High efficiency solar cells used in PV module imported from world’s renowned manufacturers.

High power modules precisely manufactured to achieve highest conversion efficiency in the industry.

EVA encapsulation of the solar cells to prevent it from UV rays and other radiations.

Higher energy yield anti-reflective(ARC) tempered glass and back surface field(BSF).

Anodized double coated aluminum frame that is corrosion free.

All panels are tested in real world condition to ensure quality of panels.


On-grid Solar Power Plant

A grid-tied or on-grid Solar Power Plant is an interactive grid system where electricity generated by solar energy is used by the load and the excess energy is fed back to the grid. When electricity is not generated grid power is used for running the loads. It uses a grid tie interactive inverter that converts the direct current from the panels to alternating current to be used by the loads and transferred to grid.

Features : -

Higher power generation to cope up with your power needs.

Cut down your electricity bill to near zero levels.

It is a grid interactive system. Grid electricity is used as backup.

Less space and investment is required.

Long life and zero maintenance is required.

Off-grid Solar Power Plant

An off grid solar system is a standalone power system. It is not connected to the grid. In this system the electrical energy generated by solar panels is used to charge the batteries. An inverter converts DC into AC which is then used by the loads.

Features : -

In house power generation and usage.

Electricity available even when power is cut down from grid.

Large power storage and deep discharge cycle batteries are used.

Generate clean and green energy and reduce your carbon footprint.

Grid power is available as a back up.


Solar Street Lighting System

Solar street light system is a standalone system consisting of solar modules, battery bank and LED luminaries. The use of solar energy with energy efficient LED lights makes it extremely efficient and environmental friendly. This system will reduce your cost to a great extent.

Features : -

Standalone system with self power generation.

Easy installation and operation.

12 hours of full night backup for all street lights.

Fully automatic dusk to dawn operation.

Whether proof system. Minimum maintenance required.

Solar Water Heater

When the biggest source of heat is available with us then why use electricity for heating water. A Solar water heater uses solar energy for heating water using a solar thermal collector. Solar water heater offers hot water throughout the year thereby saving huge on electricity bills.

Features : -

High heating efficiency using Evacuated Tube Collector (ETC) and Flate Plate Collector (FPC).

Solar water heater gives sufficient hot water for daily use regularly for domestic and industrial use.

Solar water heater can heat the water up to 80oC.

Solar water heaters do not require any kind of maintenance and are maintenance free.

Optional water softener is also available on demand.

There is also an option for electric backup for instant hot water.


Solar Water Pump

A solar water pumping system uses solar energy to drive the electrical motor with the help of a VFD drive. The solar panels produce power sufficient to drive the electrical motor, thereby saving the cost of electricity. The VFD drive produces maximum power even when the panels are not producing maximum power.

Features : -

Higher power generation to run high powered motors.

No requirement for electricity. Runs pump throughout the day.

Safe and easy operation.

Long life of system with zero maintenance.

Free electricity for at least 25 years.

Solar Mounting Structures

Solar Panel mounting structures are used to mount solar panels on surfaces like RCC rooftops, building facades, GI sheets or ground. These mounting systems generally enable retrofitting of solar panels on roofs as a part of structure of the building. We have state of art manufacturing facility for solar mounting structures.

Features : -

Available in Pre-galvanised, Hot dip galvanized, Aluminum channels.

Retrofit type structures suitable for any kind of roof/ground.

Customized structures available as per requirement or design.

Highly durable structures with 5 years warranty.

Cost effective solar structure solutions.

There is also an option for electric backup for instant hot water.


Solar Mini Kits

Solar mini kits are designed for rural usage. These are handy portable kits that are easy to carry. The solar mini kits come with different configurations as per the requirement of client.

Features : -

Portable system, easy to carry.

No requirement for electricity.

Inbuilt battery backup is available.

Long life of system with zero maintenance.

Cost effective solar solution for small households.

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